[FFP] Olsr + VPN

Thomas Mellenthin thomas at home.mellenthin.de
Di Aug 30 09:26:47 CEST 2011


On 29.08.11 23:35, Gilson wrote:
> About OpenVpn I saw in this link >>
> http://ipkg.berlin.freifunk.net/ChangeLog <<
> this message:
> 2010-Aug-29: Again new stable 1.7.4
> + OpenVPN/libopenssl does not work because I forgot
>   to remove the old openssl-n from ipkg dir which was 
>   magically installed instead of the newer version. Grmbl.
> You know if the OpenVpn isn't working?
The problem occurred in 1.7.3, it was fixed in 1.7.4.

> Can you see the attachment, if the OLSR configuration is correct?
It looks good so far, but OLSR-DHCP range overlaps with the mesh-netwok.
If you don't need dhcp on the wireless interface, leave OLSR-DHCP empty.

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